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IGEL Technology is one of the world's leading thin client vendors, Europe’s No. 1 in linux based thin clients and one of the fastest growing thin client brands (data according to IDC Thin Client Tracker 2015).

Managed Workspaces with Thin Clients and Zero Clients from IGEL

Fully remotely managed thin clients are a cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. They increase data security and Compliance with laws and regulations like HIPAA as sensitive data is not stored locally and the use of USB-ports can be managed remotely by the administrator. Thin clients come without fans or rotating hard drives therefore they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Together with an efficient remote administration of all local thin client settings they offer a fast return on investment. The introduction and roll out of Cloud Computing or virtual desktops or classis server-based computing becomes economically favourable when cost efficient thin clients replace PCs. The Total Cost of Ownership / TCO of the IT infrastructure is decreased sustainably.

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UD Pocket

UD Pocket

The IGEL UD Pocket is the portable thin client for evolving workspace environments. No larger than a paper clip, UD Pocket provides the flexibility to boot from IGEL Universal Desktop or the local operating system on a PC, laptop or any compatible endpoint device. A high performance solution that enables remote and mobile workers to access cloud services, server-based computing applications or virtual desktops. UD Pocket is automatically integrated into the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) for remote support, deployment and management. UD Pocket extends the functionality of existing hardware with two operating systems on one endpoint.

Unified Management Agent (UMA)

Unified Management Agent (UMA)

UMA, the IGEL Unified Management Agent, delivers Workspace Management of the future, today.

Devices running a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system and an installed UMA are reliably and securely managed by our UMS. In this way UMA managed devices fit seamlessly into the IGEL solution portfolio – whether they are thin clients, notebooks or workstations.



IGEL UD9 Thin Client

The new IGEL UD9: All-in-one thin client with quad core processor

IGEL's popular UD9 all-in-one model is now a compact powerhouse. From now on, the 21.5 inch widescreen display will hide a powerful quad-core processor which will enable the UD9 to effortlessly meet future requirements for modern, demanding thin client computing. The CPU will be backed up by 2 GB of main memory for all operating systems. This will allow demanding multitasking in all usage scenarios. With numerous interfaces including USB 3.0 and a DisplayPort, as well as optional features such as a touchscreen and WLAN, the IGEL UD9 can be used in a wide range of areas.

IGEL UD3 Thin Client

Improved performance at no extra cost: The IGEL UD3 with quad core processor

With a major hardware update, IGEL Technology is improving the performance of its IZ3/UD3 all-round range. Germany's best-selling thin client will feature an AMD quad core processor from the Embedded G range (codename "Steppe Eagle") with 1.2 - 1.6 GHz that will offer even more efficient access to virtual desktops and applications from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. The new CPU will be backed up by 2 GB of DDR3L RAM memory for demanding multitasking applications. The IGEL UD3 will also support 4K displays via the integrated DisplayPort making it ideal for modern workspaces. Together with proven features such as Dualview, USB 3.0 and an approx. 50% reduction in power consumption, IGEL is offering more thin client for the same money.

IGEL Universal Management Suite 5 (UMS5)

IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)

The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) is a user-friendly and extremely efficient piece of software. It allows IGEL thin and zero clients as well as PCs, notebooks and thin clients from other manufacturers (converted into software thin clients using the Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) or with the Unified Management Agent (UMA) installed) to be remotely administered. It also helps to minimize support costs.

With its open, network-friendly structure, it can be incorporated quickly and easily into the existing company infrastructure and offers maximum security and reliability.



IGEL Management Interface (IMI)

IGEL Management Interface (IMI)

With the IGEL Management Interface (IMI), the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) can connect via a standard REST API to existing enterprise management systems (such as Microsoft SCCM or IBM Tivoli).

In addition, IMI provides the interface for REST-compatible programming languages to connect autonomous systems together.
So the management of IGEL Clients can take place from the Enterprise Management system or through additional company-specific scripts or programs, in conjunction with the industry-leading IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).



IGEL Thin Clients with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7

When it comes to user experience, flexibility and safeguarding your investment, the new IGEL UD3, UD5, UD6 and UD9 thin clients with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 are truly impressive devices.

In addition to the premium visual experience of Windows Aero, Windows Media Player 12 and native support of Microsoft VDI by means of Windows RemoteFX, this high-performance and extremely energy efficient thin client is distinguished by its industry-leading deployment flexibility.



IGEL UD2 Thin Client

IGEL redefines the entry-level thin client with smaller, more powerful and economical UD2 series

So much more than you might think! Our affordable, space- and energysaving hardware series sets new benchmarks for entry-level devices. These compact devices offer high-level performance, including for basic multimedia applications. Four USB ports and two digital monitor connections ensure a wide range of desktop usage options, including Dualview. For additional space savings, the IZ2/UD2 can be VESA mounted on the back of the monitor.



IGEL UD6 Thin Client

The IGEL UD6 with quad core processor: High-performance computing with thin clients 

The IGEL UD6 expands the range of applications for thin client computing considerably and is aimed at the most demanding power users. With the appropriate server infrastructure in the background, the high-end device easily provides the performance required for CAD applications, unified communication, film editing or big data visualization. With its Intel Celeron quad core processors offering speeds of up to 2.42 GHz the UD6 allow the use of Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology which was specially developed for accessing server-based 3D applications. The high performance enables entirely new usage options so that thin clients can now be used for workstations that previously required a particularly high-performance product.



IGEL UD5 Dual Core Thin Client

High-performance multimedia ace: the IGEL UD5 thin client

A brand new version of the IGEL UD5 thin client is available – with improvements on the inside and the outside. The new model features not only a new chassis but also a faster dual-core processor based on Intel Bay Trail chipset technology and ample memory, making it the ideal unit for playing back demanding multimedia content in virtual IT environments. A further improved hardware framework featuring an Intel Celeron dual-core processor with up to 2.58 GHz allows users to enjoy all the cost and security benefits of thin clients while taking advantage of their great versatility. Visually, the housing is reminiscent of the IGEL UD3 and offers the same advantages when it comes to connectivity, ease of use and environmental protection.



IGEL IZ Zero Clients

IGEL Zero: Zero Clients – The IGEL Way!

The IGEL zero clients for Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDS/RemoteFX, or Vmware Horizon deliver a true zero-client experience at an affordable price, and avoid the limitations typically encountered in other zero-client brands. That means you receive free support for your devices, an easy upgrade to the Universal Desktop License should you wish to change your VDI infrastructure, and your devices boot quickly and directly into a VDI session – whether Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp, Vmware View, or Miscrosoft RDS. IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) device management sofware ships with your device at no extra cost and provides „zero touch deployment“ with „zero local management“ required.